Watch our ministry grow

Thank You

Last year was an unprecedented time for all of us. Yet in the midst of the challenges, we were all sustained by the lovingkindness and grace of God. We are so grateful that in 2021 you made an impact in the lives of the children at New Song, and for that we thank you! Some of the things we're most excited about are:

Precious Children
We are so blessed to have been able to care for, educate, and disciple a total of eight precious children in 2021. Our ministry to the kids goes deep into their lives as we are able to share 100 hours with each of them weekly side-by-side, helping them to see and experience a new ways of living!

A Very Strong End-of-Year Giving Season
Since November 1st we have received 335 gifts totaling $147,000! Thank you for providing a safe home for vulnerable children in Indiana. Because of you, we will be able to expand our programs and provide loving homes for even more children in the coming year. With recent inflation and the cost of goods on the rise, your gifts are more important than ever.

Consistent Education
During a year where many kids are still unsure whether they will be attending classes in person or doing distance learning at home, we were able to continue our children’s education without skipping a beat. Due to our small class sizes and on-campus housing, our education programs continued without issues. Providing consistent, quality education is incredibly important for the children we serve. There is so much uncertainty in their lives, so we want our programs to be something they can depend on day-in and day-out.

LOTS of Extra-Curriculars
As the Delta virus eased this past fall, it allowed us to give our kids opportunities to “get out and get active!” Some of the things that our kids are enjoying right now are gymnastics lessons, basketball, swimming, and weightlifting through a new YMCA membership, and also fun field trips like the one we did over Christmas break at a rock-climbing facility in Indianapolis with our friends at Camptown!

These opportunities give the kids at New Song fun options to stay active while also encouraging them to discover their God-given abilities and talents. Your gifts make it possible for us to be able to provide even more options for our kids in the upcoming year.

Over 50 Kids at Summer Camp
Every year our summer camp program brings more vulnerable kids from around Indiana to hear the Gospel, often for the first time. Many of the children who attend our camps come from homes where their parents are not able to provide childcare or recreation during the summer months. Our camps give kids from difficult backgrounds a fun, safe environment to enjoy our 100-acre campus in beautiful Brown County. The Gospel is shared in refreshing ways that gets kids excited about what it means to dedicate your life to Christ. As we begin to plan for this summer, we are preparing to invite even more kids to join us for fun activities and fellowship in the great outdoors.

Thank you again for your continued support. You have provided a beautiful home and highly personalized education and care for the vulnerable boys and girls at New Song Mission. Without your gifts, this would not be possible. Praise God!

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