God provides in amazing ways

God’s provision

Since our inception, supporters of New Song have generously contributed both financial and in-kind gifts to help us build and sustain our campus ministry. Friends of New Song have donated thousands of hours in construction and groundskeeping efforts. Through God's provision, we have remained debt-free since our inception as a result of the amazing generosity and sacrificial support of ministry friends. 

Brown countySecuring the future and building a sustainable mission.

By God’s grace and through the sacrifices of many, New Song has been abundantly provided for over the years. The list below highlights some of the most significant steps in our development: 

  • Purchased 100 beautiful acres of unimproved land in the hills of Brown County
  • Obtained zoning reclassification of the property through public meetings and hearings 
  • Designed a comprehensive campus community through the efforts of volunteer civil engineers, surveyors, and architects
  • Constructed three 5,000 square foot campus homes, mainly through donations made by skilled contractors and other volunteers
  • Built a park, recreational pond, and hiking trails
  • Developed impactful academic and campus programming
  • Created a significant training curriculum for our New Song staff team
  • Produced and implemented Policies and Best Practices to provide solid structure and oversight of our ministry
  • Initiated a summer camping program for vulnerable children
  • Provided life-changing experiences and opportunities for 20 full-time students and more than 100 summer campers
  • Since our inception, we have received thousands of hours worth of volunteer hours 
  • We have experienced an incredible outpouring of support through the generosity of numerous individuals, churches, businesses, and foundations
  • New Song has remained debt-free
  • We celebrate the hundreds of prayers prayed and answers given—answers only God could provide

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