Employment opportunities at New Song Mission

Occasionally New Song Mission has employment opportunities available within the organization.

Please email a cover letter and resume to New Song Mission if you are interested in a position listed below.



Position: Office Manager

Employment Type: Part-time, Hourly (24-32 hours per week), non-exempt

Overview: The Office Manager at New Song is a committed Christ follower who is led by the Lord to be a diligent worker. This role is a part-time, hourly (24-32 hours per week), non-exempt. The position includes executive and administrative support, fundraising,  marketing and more!                                                                                                                                                 

Job Description


Position: Houseparent

Employment Type: Full-time, Residential

Overview: Houseparents at New Song are committed Christ followers who are led by the Lord to care for vulnerable boys and girls.  The Houseparenting role is a full-time residential position, where married husband and wife couples provide a safe, loving home to  vulnerable children and live out their Christian values among them, leading lifestyles that model positive, godly character and a daily pursuit of Jesus.

Job Description 


Position: Classroom Teacher

Employment Type: Full-time

Overview: The Classroom Teacher at New Song is a committed Christ follower and educator whose giftings from God equip them to teach vulnerable boys and girls. The Classroom Teacher role is a full-time, Monday-Friday position in which a safe, enriching, and motivating educational environment will be provided to the children in New Song’s care.

Job Description