New Song Overview Video

Please enjoy this slideshow to get a glimpse of the on-campus activities!

New Song House Parent Testimonial

Check out this testimonial from our house parents about the joys of house parenting here at New Song Mission!

Summer Adventure Camps 2023

New Song’s Summer Adventure Camps had record attendance this year! Watch all the fun the boys and girls had this past summer!

Summer Adventure Camps 2022

New Song’s Summer Adventure Camps are small, but they are mightily important to the kids who attend! You can see all the fun the boys and girls had through our Adventure Camp Slideshow!

Student Slideshow Fall 2019

Our students have been busy with several different experiences--please enjoy this slideshow of recent activities!


2018 Activities

2018 was a busy year at New Song full of God's blessings! Please enjoy this slideshow of our staff and students. 


Summer 2016 Video Update