A wonderful opportunity for your child

For Parents

Thank you for exploring the wonderful opportunity we have for your child here at New Song! We are here to help guide you through the enrollment process and help you discover whether our campus program would be helpful.

New Song offers an incredible option for kids. Our educational program, recreational opportunities, campus life activities, and spiritual emphasis could be just what your child needs at this time in his or her life! 

“We had a wonderful visit at New Song.  Caleb was so excited to show us everything. He looked great. The visit confirmed that this is where Caleb needs to be. He acted very happy, comfortable and proud of his home. We had a very good visit with the houseparents. This was very comforting and reassuring. They are so calm, loving and also tell Caleb what is expected from him. I feel very confident in how he is being cared for. Thank you for giving Caleb this opportunity.”  -Ruth Ann, grandmother of Caleb 

How does New Song partner with parents?

You remain in control of how long your child remains at New Song. Upon enrollment, New Song does not take over legal guardianship. It’s usually best if a child remains with New Song for at least 6 months, but parents have the ability to withdraw their children at any time. Children go on home visits with their parents every other weekend, at least 5 full weeks out of the school year, and for most of summer break. Children can also see their parents regularly through video calls. 

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Woman and boy smilingHow to make an initial enrollment inquiry

When you complete our Initial Enrollment Inquiry form, you are under no obligation to enroll your child at New Song. This form simply provides New Song with some information about your child to see if our educational program and ministry is a good fit for your son or daughter. 

Make an Initial Enrollment Inquiry now.

Other ways to stay connected with your child

In addition to your child's home visits outlined above, you may visit your child on campus at any time.  

New Song houseparents and staff members remain in regular contact with parents. We frequently send pictures of our students engaged in various activities on and off campus, and keep parents well informed about their child.

Progress updates on your child

You will receive 9-week report cards and progress updates about how your child is progressing in school and on campus. 

Open communication with New Song

We will have an open line of communication with you while your child is at New Song. We value your relationship with New Song and we will make ourselves available to regularly communicate with you.