Providing holistic care for vulnerable children

Campus programs

The children at New Song live with full-time, supportive husband and wife married couples who are trained to meet the needs of vulnerable children and youth. Our houseparents provide the love and support children need in order to thrive, giving them an important opportunity to grow and mature in a safe, nurturing setting. 

Every part of our campus has been designed to meet all the needs of our children: academic, emotional, social, recreational, spiritual, health and developmental. 

Children live in attractive ranch-style homes with walkout basements. Each home includes a large living room, a spacious kitchen, seven bedrooms, and a study for counseling or homework. Up to eight kids live in each home. 

The following three key programs support our New Song families:

Children in classroomAcademic Life Program

New Song’s on-site educational program has been created utilizing advice and ideas from dozens of Indiana educators. Our strategy with students is to provide them with highly individualized instruction led by licensed teachers who are uniquely gifted and trained to work with students who have emotional and educational deficits. 

Children’s Resources Program

Each child at New Song has an integrated Plan of Care designed to guide houseparents, teachers, and support staff in helping the child reach his or her personal goals and potential. The Plan of Care is designed by an interdisciplinary team of New Song staff members, along with the child and his or her current caregivers. The Plan of Care provides a comprehensive framework for holistically caring for each individual child.

Children playing cardsCampus Life Program

One of the wonderful benefits for the children who live at New Song is the ministry’s scenic setting in the hills of Brown County. Our beautiful 100 acre campus includes several large homes, a recreational park, a pond for fishing and canoeing, a creek, and wooded trails for hiking and biking. At New Song, kids are provided with a wonderful environment in which to learn, live, and grow!

Living on the New Song campus helps kids develop a meaningful sense of belonging and also instills in them the importance of personal responsibility that comes from being an important member of a broader campus community. Recreational opportunities on campus include organized activities, informal games, hiking on trails, team sports, participating in the arts and music, developing personal hobbies, therapeutic physical activities, and simply relaxing in nature. Off-campus outings such as educational field trips, church youth group outings, and cultural experiences like local plays and musical concerts are also an important part of the kids’ experience at New Song. We believe that it is extremely valuable to provide kids with a wide variety of enriching activities to meet the developmental needs of children of all ages. 

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