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Letter from Jessica

Family. It’s the greatest gift God could ever bless us with. They help shape, grow, & love us in God. The best part about it is that they don’t even have to be related! Being at New Song, I realized that I have now an even bigger family.

All of these people are so important to me, and I can never thank them enough for taking us in & loving us unconditionally. Just looking back at it, I realized that this impacts me & my sisters. They’ve helped me grow in the Lord more as well as helping us progress in multiple areas of life & character.

I give special thanks to Mr. Kyle & Mrs. Tonya for guiding me through life with the love and care like my second parents, to my house parents for helping me grow to become Christ-like, to my teachers for helping us learn to prosper for our futures, and a huge thanks for all the New Song staff for helping run the place! But I give the greatest thanks to God. He made all of it possible with your help. I thank all of you so much for providing & giving with all your hearts.

With much love, thanks, & appreciation,