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Referring Organizations

Perhaps one of the most beneficial, life-changing things you could do for a child is to refer that child’s parent, grandparent, or guardian to New Song Mission. If you currently know of a child or sibling group whose caregiver is unable to raise the children due to the caregiver’s physical, emotional, or mental health difficulties, please consider referring them to New Song.

“New Song’s philosophy and approach to children in need would be a tremendous gift to any child who has survived difficulties such as neglect, abuse, drug/alcohol addiction or abandonment. I have worked with many children surviving desperate and volatile situations over the years, and they make incredible progress when they are safe, nurtured, have hope and feel valued. Many of them have never been exposed to any spirituality in their home environment and therefore have a difficult time imagining that they are loveable and then later have difficulty functioning as a teenager with no basis for their morality or their beliefs or decision making. New Song provides the priceless gift of a safe haven where spirituality can be introduced and developed in a child while surrounding them with love and life skills to build a life of success. I am thrilled to know that New Song is an innovative placement resource available for the children and families I work with, whom often have few placement options, especially in Southern Indiana.” 

Lynn Minton, LCSW, ACSW
Life Solutions
Bedford, IN

Faith lane signA child who is ELIGIBLE FOR ENROLLMENT at New Song must meet some of the following criteria: 

  • Is age 6-16 (sometimes we can make exceptions to this)
  • Is able to learn in a regular classroom setting and live in a family-like environment
  • Lacks opportunities for successful growth and development 
  • Has mild emotional or educational challenges
  • Has unstable housing or lives in an impoverished neighborhood
  • Is facing other difficult life circumstances

(At this time we are unable to care for children who have attachment trauma, serious mental illnesses, violent or destructive tendencies, or those who have sexually abused others.  In addition, New Song cannot receive children who are currently under adjudication as a Child In Need of Services or a Delinquent Child. )

How to refer a family.

Providing compassionate care for children in need.

The purpose of New Song is to equip children for life! Our 100-acre residential, educational Brown County campus was created to provide personal, holistic growth and transformation to at-risk kids. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian ministry, New Song provides safe, loving homes, personalized academic instruction, relational mentoring, biblical discipleship, recreational activities, and experiential learning to help our students grow and mature.

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