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Jaylen Brings It!

Jaylen Brings It!

Eight-year-old Jaylen brings LOTS of life and energy to the New Song campus. Whether it’s honing his moves on the basketball court, wrestling with his house dad on the living carpet, or doing a “jitter bug” dance after consuming a chocolate shake at McDonalds, Jaylen is full of life and energy.right

But Jaylen is also becoming a very thoughtful and contemplative boy as well. His mom Carmen notices it when Jaylen goes home for visits. “I’m seeing a major difference in Jaylen. He is talking differently. He is questioning things so that he can get a better understanding of them,” she said.

Lisa Schloss, New Song’s social worker/house mom/cofounder agrees. “Jaylen can be very mature in his conversations with adults, especially for a 2nd grader,” said Lisa.

“He also is very responsive to questions we ask in Chapel and our Servant Leadership class,” added Bob Schloss.

Jaylen says that some of the things he likes about being at New Song are playing board games like Clack, swimming in the pond, and taking off-campus outings to the YMCA, gymnastics, and local parks. He also really likes his Science class.

“When I grow up, I want to be an underwater biologist,” Jaylen shared. “I want to study sharks and be able to track them.”

Jaylen’s love for learning plays an important role in his recent school success. “I made straight A’s on my report card for the first time this year,” said Jaylen. “My mom was so happy that she bought me a chocolate shake!”

“I was so excited to learn that Jaylen made the honor role for this 9-week grading period,” shared Carmen. “I already have the certificate framed and on the bookshelf.” I’m just so proud of Him.”

We are so proud of Jaylen too, and so very grateful to Carmen for entrusting us with his care and education. “The partnership we have with Carmen is special,” shared Lisa. “We love her and all of the parents who enroll their kids at New Song. We want to be a blessing to them as well as the kids. And Jaylen is a gifted boy who has the abilities to really excel in life.”