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Tuesday Togetherness!

As the sun lingered in the sky, New Song students and staff lined up next to the long, thickly braided rope, the red team on one end and the blue team on the other. Members of both teams had serious, determined looks on their faces as they wrapped their hands tightly around the rope, set their feet strong in the grass, and began to pull.

The center of the rope began to slowly move towards the red team’ side, and the blue team soon stumbled over the centerline, losing the match. “I’m so happy we won!” shared Silas, age 11, smiling brightly with his teammates.

Tug-o-War is one of many games that are played at our ministry’s Together Tuesday events, which occur each Tuesday after school. Staff and students gather together to foster relationships through some fun competition! From Capture The Flag, to Kickball and Scavenger Hunts, the boys and girls and our ministry staff team play together, strengthening bonds in the process.

Students’ social skills also have an opportunity to grow through these activities as the kids learn about cooperation and encouragement. Together Tuesdays are not only beneficial for fostering the relationships between students and staff members, but staff relationships grow as well.

“We love bringing out staff and students together whenever we can on campus to draw everyone together and create unity and deepen

 relationships,” shared Lisa Schloss, New Song’s Associate Director and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. “A bond of trust is forged through these fun activities, creating healthy, positive memories for both our students and staff in the process.”

We love playing with our New Song kids, and we’re so thankful for the opportunity to build strong, healthy relationships together!