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Thank You Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church!

“Lisa and I will always have a special place in our hearts for Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church and its members,” shared New Song’s Founder and Executive Director, Bob Schloss.

It was 34 years ago that Bob and Lisa, having been recently married, were attending school in Indianapolis when Eagle Creek GBC Pastor Paul Woodruff shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with them through his faithful preaching, bible teaching, and personal testimony. By the grace of God, the gospel of Christ changed everything for Bob and Lisa, eventually leading to the establishment of the ministry of New Song Mission.

So whenever folks from Eagle Creek GBC come to serve on the New Song campus, it is a very special time indeed! Such was the case twice this summer, once in July and once in August, thanks to the helpful coordination of church member, Scott Nutter.

Eagle Creek GBC member, Herb Simpson, commented that, "It was a wonderful day working side by side with my fifteen brothers and sisters from Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church in support of the tremendous diligence and patience shown by Bob and Lisa in their service to Christ and kids at New Song Mission.” 

Herb and his wife Debby are very near and dear to the heart of Bob and Lisa in several ways. Herb discipled Bob after he came to know Christ at the age of 23 through Operation Timothy, a program created by the Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC). (More on CBMC and its Indiana President, Eldon Kibbey, below.) As a faithful servant of Christ Jesus and an astute businessman, Herb was an original board member of New Song, helping to guide the ministry through its early stages of growth and development. He will always be fondly remembered for his sacrificial service to the ministry, as New Song greatly benefitted from his wise counsel and leadership.  

The New Song campus is incredibly beautiful (praise God!), but it can sometimes be overwhelming to take care of. That’s why it was literally a “Godsend” for the folks from Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church to come and serve twice this summer. Some of the projects that the church helped with were:

  • Mowing and weed trimming
  • Bush pruning
  • Greasing swing set chains
  • Pulling weeds in front of the homes, in the pond fire pit area, and in the sand box
  • Splitting wood
  • Changing the oil on lawnmowers
  • Building storage cabinets
  • Organizing a storage room
  • Moving furniture
  • Hanging curtain rods
  • Installing clothing hooks on bedroom closet doors
  • Preparing the classroom for school by putting up wall hangings

A special thanks goes out to the church’s pastor, Aaron Woodruff, for encouraging the congregation to come down and help. Pastor Aaron personally put in a lot of hard work on both of the days that church members came down to our Brown County campus, and the prayers he led for our children and staff on the service days were very meaningful and touching.

Also serving on campus were church members Eldon and Sandy Kibbey, both of whom have been so supportive in prayer for the ministry and in many other ways over the years. Eldon, a retired U.S. Air Force Captain and businessman, has been the Indiana President of a ministry called Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC). The purpose of CBMC is to “present Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to business and professional men and to develop Christian business and professional men to carry out the Great Commission.”  (

Eldon has been a special mentor to Bob throughout the history of New Song. “I remember Bob’s phone call, many years ago, when he told me about his vision for what is now New Song Mission,” shared Eldon.  “It has been a joy ever since to help out any way I can. It’s always uplifting to hear about the ways God has answered prayers in making New Song what it is today!”

May God continue to bless the congregation of Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church! The folks there have certainly been a blessing to Bob and Lisa and the ministry of New Song in countless ways, including eternally.