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Technology Class Prepares Students For Future!

Many K-8 students have functional skills in operating computers, but few have had the opportunity to learn the history of computer technology and have been taught introductory computer coding. When our full-time Tutor, Andrew Lockridge, came up with the idea of designing and teaching an Introduction to Computers class, our students were excited about the idea and have been fully engaged throughout the 9-week class, which began in January.

“It’s been a joy for me to see the kids work hard at developing their computer skills” shared Andrew. “They have taken a true interest in the history of computers, and their high scores on a recent quiz is reflective of that.”  Click Here to take the quiz yourself! All of our students scored 95% or above!

Elective courses at New Song have ranged from Physical Education to Spanish, depending on the special skills our classroom teachers and tutors possess. With Andrew’s Computer Science degree which was centered around software development, he certainly has the depth of knowledge needed to teach the course.

After graduating from Cedarville University and working for three years as a software developer, Andrew felt called to ministry of New Song, joining our staff team in February of 2021. “I made the switch because I felt like God wanted me to be more invested in people, especially those who really need God’s love,” said Andrew. “It’s been great to work with the kids here and see them grow in their character and maturity, as well as academically.”

Topics for the Computer class have included:

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Beginner Level Coding
  • Typing
  • History of Computers
  • Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Online Safety and Responsibility

The way the students have taken to the programming and keyboarding sections of the class has been very encouraging. Jaylen, who is in 2nd grade, has really enjoyed learning to type and is doing so with increasing speed and proficiency.

“My hope is that as the kids get more familiar with the capabilities of computers, it will prepare them for how to better use computers in the future and perhaps even spur an interest in potential jobs in the field of technology,” shared Andrew.

Academics is a huge reason why moms enroll their kids at New Song, and it’s a very important part of the holistic care we provide our students. We are so thankful to Andrew for establishing the Introduction To Computers course and for the great strides our students are making in the wonderful world of technology!  

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