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New School Year Update!


We are so blessed by the Lord to have ten boys and girls now living on campus for the school year! In the Girls' home are Phanci (8), Tay (11), Ernestine (13), De'Maria (6), and Kia (11), all of whom are new to us this year. In the Boys' home are returning students Kayden (11), Zayden (10), and Jaylen (9), along with newcomers Silas (11) and Amari (9). What a blessing it is to have the campus full of children!

Classes began the week of August 14th with the boys and girls first getting tested for educational gaps. We then helped them get acclimated to their new school setting and accustomed to their new academic curriculum. In addition to their core subjects this first 9-week grading period, students are in Spanish, Bible, Leadership, and Phys Ed. Our teachers, Rachelle Alspaugh and Julie Decker, along with the rest of our staff team who serve as tutors, are providing a very personalized education to each student.

Every one of these girls and boys have so much potential! We see it in the classrooms, the homes, and around campus. They are very resilient, and over time they will overcome all of the tremendous obstacles that have been placed in their lives. It is super encouraging to see them responding so well to all of the love, care, discipleship, and academic help they are receiving at New Song! Please help these girls and boys remain at New Song by becoming a monthly scholarship supporter at