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May Day Flower Deliveries

New Song students Avery and Lilli and their teacher Miss Grace enjoyed a break from the quarantine with a creative May Day celebration. Sharing love through May Day gifts with neighbors was the perfect opportunity for the girls to bless others and celebrate spring, not to mention take a much-needed excursion off campus!

May Day is celebrated every May 1st to welcome in spring. The holiday is largely popular in European countries as a way to spread cheer to neighbors. A typical May Day tradition involves anonymously leaving baskets of flowers on neighbors’ doorsteps.

The girls decided to create miniature flower gifts to leave on the front porches of New Song neighbors and also several neighbors surrounding Miss Grace’s Columbus home. The flowers were potted in colorful paper cups with a May Day blessing placed in each one. The bible verse Miss Grace and the girls wrote on each of the cards that accompanied the flower gifts was Psalm 115:15, which reads “MAY (emphasis added!) you be blessed by the Lord who made heaven and earth.”

May 1st turned out to be a beautiful day full of sunshine! After praying over their deliveries, the girls began to walk around the neighborhood, taking turns pulling the wagon of flowers and running the gifts up to porches. Many neighbors were out working in their yards, and as the girls approached, they were met with numerous smiles and waves. Others neighbors came to their front doors and were eager to talk and thank the girls. Some neighbors even came out of their homes to find the girls and express their appreciation! 

 Avery and Lilli enjoyed every moment and agreed that the best part of the afternoon was the joy they were able to bring to others. Afterwards, Avery commented, “I loved making people happy and blessing them with flowers!” Lilli added, “I enjoyed seeing people’s appreciation and the joy I brought them!”

The whole event was a teachable moment that it does not take much to brighten someone’s day. A simple blessing and flower can go a long way and do more than might be imagined. More importantly, the Scripture shared will have a lasting impact on those who have received it because the Word never returns void and accomplishes the purpose for which it was sent (Isa. 55:11)!

The neighbors’ reactions proved to the girls that it is more blessed to give than to receive and spreading God’s Word and His love does not have to be difficult! It was such a blessing to Miss Grace to see Lilli and Avery’s enthusiasm and to watch them make the best out of these uncertain quarantine times by engaging in creative ways to minister to others! This May and always, let us celebrate the new life we have in Christ and the beauty He has surrounded us with!