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Creek Stompin'

Each day when the students get out of school here at New Song they begin their afternoon in the homes by completing their homework and doing a home contribution. After that, the kids get into the fun activity times!

These activities give the kids some structure to their day, promote unity in the home, and often provide opportunities to do activities they have never had the chance to do. The students are always excited to find out what we have planned for them!

We recently experienced a pretty rainy week on campus, which made our campus creek really flow. The temperatures had climbed up into the 80s and the conditions were optimal for splashing around on a creek walk, which the boys were so excited to experience!


As the boys and their houseparents, Jacob and Nicky Fafard were walking along the windy, rocky creek with its occasional pockets of water, it didn't take long before the kids stepped in deeper spots, filling their up boots with cool water! “Look how much water I got in my boots!” exclaimed 10-year-old Zayden.

As the creek winds along there is a beautiful, small waterfall with a 3-foot drop and a big pool of water below it. The students wasted no time getting in and playing in the water, taking refreshing creek baths! Toward the end of the creek hike, the students saw a small lizard and enjoyed watching it scamper from rock to rock.

The sound of laughter and joy could be heard throughout the trip as the students loved this new experience, so far removed from the city life they all have grown up in.