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Cold Weather Fun!

What a cold spell we had in January here in Indiana! But that didn’t keep our boys and girls from enjoying a number of fun winter activities!

During the most bitter weather, the kids stayed inside playing with their Christmas presents, erecting buildings with magnetic squares, enjoying recreation in their spacious basements, baking sweet delights, library trips, swimming at the YMCA, watching movies, and competing in plenty of board games!

“One of the boys’ favorite activities this month has been swimming at the Brown County YMCA,” shared house dad Jacob Fafard. “During their time in the pool they played water basketball and football, tag, and Marco Polo—they really love the water!”  

(See more pics below!)

When the bone-chilling weather finally broke and the snow fell on campus, the kids had a blast sledding and snowboarding down the small hill in our park, shaking the snow off of pine tree branches near their homes, and having relatively mild snowball battles.

In school, we were all so proud of our students’ group presentation on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The students read parts of a script together that depicted certain events in the Civil Rights movement, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Birmingham Children’s Crusade. The boys and girls did a fantastic job and learned a lot about this critically important time in our nation’s history.

While our boys, girls, and staff are definitely looking forward to feeling the warm spring sunshine, we are all making the most of the winter season and creating lasting bonds and memories in the process!