Equipping children for life...through the love of Christ Jesus

Our calling

Abandonment. Poverty. Neglect. When these troubling characteristics are combined in the life of a child, chaos reigns in their lives. Kids growing up in these situations frequently end up as homeless adults, behind prison bars, and in poverty themselves.

Indiana has a large number of orphaned and fatherless children who are living in poverty. In fact, 35% of Indiana children are currently growing up in single-parent homes without their biological father, and 40% of all newborn babies are born out of wedlock. (Kids Count Data Center, 2012; U.S. Census Bureau) More than 16,000 children in Indiana have neither parent in the home and are living below the federal poverty level. (National Center For Children In Poverty, 2010)

Learn some quick facts about New Song.

We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, caring for children in Jesus’ Name.

Children who have suffered from fatherlessness, neglect, and poverty need a nurturing community setting. The New Song Mission children’s home campus is an incredibly unique refuge for kids where they can thrive and grow up to become well-adjusted, productive adults. Modeled after highly successful children’s campuses in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and Alabama, New Song Mission represents a proven alternative and fantastic news for kids who need safe, loving homes and a private education.

New Song Mission addresses all four facets of life for the children in our care: physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual.

Our research, personal visits, and extensive interactions with children and staff at children’s homes throughout the country have helped us to create an incredible, life-changing opportunity for some of our state's most vulnerable children. 

Happy kids runningKey characteristics of New Song Mission are:

  • A campus environment
  • A beautiful, natural setting
  • Spacious, well-built homes
  • Loving and nurturing Christian staff
  • Full-time house moms and dads
  • Long-term care lasting several years
  • A private education
  • Low student-to-teacher ratios
  • Hands-on learning experiences
  • Outdoor recreation opportunities 
  • Support provided privately through financial and in-kind gifts

As we grow and develop the campus, New Song will have each of these distinguishing components as well as an equine therapy program, gardening, music lessons, and an art program, all in God's perfect timing. Can you imagine children being raised in this amazing environment? 

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New Song Mission homeWe are called to give these children a home in the midst of God’s beauty.

The natural, scenic topography of Brown County, Indiana provides the perfect setting for a children’s home campus. New Song owns 100 wooded acres in the remote hills of the county. Civil engineers, architects, and surveyors have all donated their professional services to design a campus that takes full advantage of this magnificent environment.

The establishment of the ministry in Brown County is also ideal because the campus is situated in between the cities of Columbus and Bloomington and is also near the town of Nashville, all of which have many wonderful churches that have been incredibly supportive of New Song. 

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