Supporting New Song Mission

"May the Lord cause you to flourish... May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 115:14-15


New Song Mission is a 100% privately funded, nonprofit 501 (c)(3) Christian ministry made possible through the generosity of hundreds of individuals, churches, and businesses. We deeply appreciate your support of the fatherless, neglected, and impoverished children we serve.

Make a donation

Your donation will help us immediately with day-to-day expenses and will directly serve children in need.

Sponsor a home

Your monthly support provides for the daily living needs of our families.

Other Giving Options

In-kind donations, estate gifts and other giving options provide much-needed long term support.

Become a monthly home sponsor.

Kids outside holding handsYour monthly contributions directly support one of our campus homes, providing children with a loving, nurturing environment in which to grow up and thrive! Through your faithful monthly support, you will play a significant role in giving children a safe and stable home on the New Song campus.

Will you please consider joining our Safe & Sound monthly giving program, sharing the love of Christ with the fatherless, neglected children of Indiana? Your sponsorship:

  • Supplies food and clothing for the children
  • Meets the children's daily living needs
  • Supports our house parent couple
  • Supports the children's education
  • Provides counseling to the children
  • Sustains the children's recreational program
  • Supports enrichment activities

Become a sponsor

Estate Gifts and Other Unique Giving Opportunities.

Through your estate, you can share your love for children by making a meaningful and sacrificial  gift to New Song. Gifts through your will or trust can make a huge and dramatic impact on the ministry, allowing us to provide the special care that each of our children need. In addition, memorial and honorarium gifts to New Song recognizing a loved one can be a very special tribute. Also, in-kind contributions to the ministry are very helpful to sustaining our homes and campus. Please contact our office to learn more about any of these giving opportunities.

  • Estate gifts
  • Memorial and honorarium gifts
  • In-kind contributions