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Abandonment. Poverty. Neglect. When these troubling characteristics are combined in the life of a child, chaos reigns in their lives. Kids growing up in these situations frequently end up as homeless adults, behind prison bars, and in poverty themselves. Indiana has a large number of orphaned and fatherless children who are living in poverty. In fact, 35% of Indiana children are currently growing up in single-parent homes without their biological father, and 40% of all newborn babies are born out of wedlock. (Kids Count Data Center, 2012; U.S. Census Bureau) 

Boy fishingA serious problem with a positive solution.

Children who have suffered from fatherlessness, neglect, and poverty need a nurturing community setting that addresses all four facets of life: physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. That community is New Song Mission. Our children’s home campus is a warm, welcoming place for kids who need safe, loving homes and a private education.

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Be part of the solution

For several years we’ve witnessed the blessings of God in developing the ministry of New Song Mission. We’ve seen the sacrificial generosity of hundreds of people who are deeply concerned about young boys and girls who are suffering. We invite you to help children heal from feelings of rejection, abandonment, and fear. Please help them know they are deeply loved by partnering with us to rebuild their precious lives!

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Top Ten Ways To Advocate For New Song

  1. Go through your phone contacts and text people our website link
  2. Go through your email list and forward friends our website link
  3. Like us on Facebook
  4. Share a recent New Song Facebook post with your Facebook friends  
  5. Arrange for New Song to make a presentation at your church
  6. Invite a group of your friends to tour the New Song campus
  7. Host an after-dinner dessert event in your home or an area restaurant and invite 10-20 of your friends
  8. Consider who you know with significant networking or financial capabilities and help New Song's Executive Director, Bob Schloss, get a personal meeting with them
  9. Recruit friends to come on a short-term mission trip to New Song and work on the campus  (e.g. small groups, father/son outings, family trips)
  10. Let us know of any connections you have with referral sources for children such as teachers, counselors, homeless shelters, urban churches, DCS workers, and probation officers

Give children the opportunity to thrive!