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Jaylen Brings It!

Jaylen Brings It! Eight-year-old Jaylen brings LOTS of life and energy to the New Song campus. Whether it’s honing his moves on the basketball court, wrestling with his house dad on the living carpet, or doing a “jitter bug”... [read more]

Technology Class Prepares Students For Future!

Many K-8 students have functional skills in operating computers, but few have had the opportunity to learn the history of computer technology and have been taught introductory computer coding. When our full-time Tutor, Andrew Lockridge, came up with the idea... [read more]

Thank You

Last year was an unprecedented time for all of us. Yet in the midst of the challenges, we were all sustained by the lovingkindness and grace of God. We are so grateful that in 2021 you made an impact in... [read more]

Fall 2021 Newsletter

Please check out our latest newsletter to learn more about how New Song fosters positive relationships with the moms of the children we serve. Read about the growth we’ve seen in students like Keshawn and other exciting news! We are... [read more]

Visits to the Humane Society

Nasia is a quiet girl. This is sometimes an obstacle because our team doesn’t always know how she’s feeling. “Nasia is incredibly smart and loves playing games,” Laurie shares. “She’s just very quiet and keeps to herself a lot.”... [read more]

Back to School, Medieval Style!

Knights in shining armor. Beautiful princesses. A fortified, impenetrable fortress. As the New Song students begin another year of school, their classroom has been transformed into the likes of a 15th century castle complete with stone walls and a Christian... [read more]

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is here! Please click here to read about some exciting new additions to our New Song life, including a new student, a new puppy, and a new tutor! We are filled with thanksgiving as we look back... [read more]

Gracious Groundskeeping Gifts!

It’s challenging to steward a 100-acre campus. Having the right tools is essential. There has been an unusual outpouring of gifts of equipment to help us care for the New Song campus this year. All of us who sweat... [read more]

Girls’ Camping Trip Fun!

“When are we going camping?” was a question Miss Grace and Miss Kayla heard quite frequently over the past semester. Prompted by the outdoor adventure stories of Grace and Kayla, the girls longed for their own trip into the wilderness.... [read more]

2020 Volunteer Slideshow and 2021 Summer Service Opportunity!

"It was a wonderful day working side by side with my brothers and sisters from Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church,” shared Herb Simpson. Herb was one of 15 members from the church who served for two full days last summer... [read more]

A Happily-Ever-After Evening

Once upon a time… four beautiful princesses--Lilli, Shawnia, Nasia, and Abi, received formal invitations inviting them to the second annual Valentine’s Dinner at their teacher’s home. “Miss Grace” (the girls’ main classroom teacher) and “Miss Kayla” (our Spanish teacher and... [read more]

Winter Fun!

“Let’s go sledding!,” we heard from our boys and girls repeatedly after school for several weeks this winter. With more than 14 inches of total snow fallen on and around the New Song campus, sledding has been a frequent... [read more]

Fall/Winter Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available online! Please click here to read about how kids at New Song are thriving in school, in the homes, and spiritually on campus in our Fall/Winter 2020 New Song News!... [read more]

Get to know the Hixes!

Dave and Laurie Hix began serving as girls’ houseparents at New Song this past June, and we are so thankful they have joined us in ministry. We hope you enjoy the Q&A below to learn more about Dave and Laurie—please... [read more]

Thank You Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church!

“Lisa and I will always have a special place in our hearts for Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church and its members,” shared New Song’s Founder and Executive Director, Bob Schloss. It was 34 years ago that Bob and Lisa,... [read more]

New Song Adventure Camps 2020!

We had never really considered holding summer camps on the New Song campus, but with the encouragement of a wonderful ministry from Indianapolis, we did, and God truly blessed! Last spring, in an effort to better utilize our scenic... [read more]

Eight Children On Campus, by New Song Director, Bob Schloss

By the grace of God, who works “all things together for the good,” eight children are now being cared for, educated, and profoundly blessed on the New Song campus. It’s a monumental and historic time at New Song—with children living... [read more]

Mother’s Day Paintings, by Lisa Schloss

Mother’s Day was quickly approaching. With safety precautions in place due to the virus, it was looking like there would be no family visitations on this special day. As a mom, that did not feel right to me. I was... [read more]

May Day Flower Deliveries

New Song students Avery and Lilli and their teacher Miss Grace enjoyed a break from the quarantine with a creative May Day celebration. Sharing love through May Day gifts with neighbors was the perfect opportunity for the girls to bless... [read more]

Q&A with Associate Director and Co-Founder, Lisa Schloss

We took some time to catch up with Lisa to get her perspective on her different roles at New Song. We hope you enjoy reading her answers! Lisa, take yourself back in time for a moment. You and Bob... [read more]

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