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Winter Fun!

“Let’s go sledding!,” we heard from our boys and girls repeatedly after school for several weeks this winter.

With more than 14 inches of total snow fallen on and around the New Song campus, sledding has been a frequent source of fun and excitement for the kids at New Song. In addition, warming up in the homes with hot chocolate, playing board games, chess, and Chinese checkers in front of flickering flames in the fireplace, and the smell of freshly baked cookies have all made for an enjoyable winter season for our students and staff alike.

While some of the sledding outings were on campus, the boys and girls went on a half-dozen or so outings to hillsides in Bartholomew County, including several to the lake dams at Harrison and Grouse Ridge Lakes. With speeds that seemed in excess of most county road speed limits, the kids enjoyed tearing down the hillsides, “getting air” as they flew over snow ramps and racing each other to the finish lines at the bottom of hills. Fortunately, in their occasional wipe-outs, their spills were softened by the thick, white powder.

Most of our students have never experienced the enriching activities they have enjoyed this winter. We feel so blessed to be able to share in these joys with our boys and girls!

We’ve captured much of the fun in the short video below!