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Our new student enrollment process

Now more than ever, parents are concerned for the safety and well-being of their children. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed incredible burdens on many parents who were already struggling to meet their kids’ needs. 

In response to this crisis that has swept across south-central Indiana and our world, New Song has adjusted its enrollment process and requirements to meet the unique needs of parents during this disruptive time. Our campus is ready to care for and educate additional students for the remainder of the school year and through the summer months, as needed. 

Newly Revised Enrollment Process
The adjustments below have been made to expedite our enrollment process and reduce our admissions requirements in order to meet the needs of parents during this crisis.*

We are:
1.Significantly shortening the length of our enrollment process
2.Eliminating the minimum length of stay for new students
3.Allowing incoming boys and girls to continue as eLearning students in their local school system
4.Using a short-form Enrollment Agreement
5.Waiving all tuition fees for 90 days

New Song Mission’s 100-acre residential, educational Brown County campus is a safe, peaceful setting that was created to provide personal, holistic growth and transformation for kids in need.  As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian ministry, New Song provides loving homes, personalized academic instruction, relational mentoring, biblical discipleship, recreational activities, and experiential learning to help our students grow and mature.

Local agencies, churches, and other organizations are responding with extraordinary compassion during this difficult time to help those who are suffering. Many are using new and creative ways to help meet the needs of struggling families. New Song is ready to help moms and dads who are finding it difficult to care for and educate their kids during this challenging time, and our streamlined enrollment process will make it easier for families to receive our support.

For more information on how boys and girls can be enrolled on the New Song campus, please contact New Song’s Executive Director, Bob Schloss, at 812-343-6763 or

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. Thank you for supporting children and families during this very challenging time. 

*New Song has in place COVID-19 protocols that may slow our ability to enroll students who have had potential exposure to the virus.