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Thankful To Be Caring For Kids, by Bob Schloss

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His mercy endures forever.” (Ps 136:1) The goodness of God is more touching to Lisa and me than ever during this season of life. We are now in our mid-50’s and have been involved with New Song for 16 years, since the fall of 200... [read more]

Students Discover Wisdom in Proverbs

“Using knowledge is an everyday thing,” wrote 14 year-old Avery, a New Song student, on a recent quiz for Bible class. “You use your mind every single minute to respect others and set your paths straight.” New Song students have demonstrated an impressive ability to absorb... [read more]

Garden City Church Blesses New Song

“We thank the Lord for His strength in getting these projects to the finish line,” said Andy Murdock of Garden City Church (Columbus, IN). Andy, as well as church member Cindy Smock, spearheaded three very special projects that the church recently completed on the New Song campus, those ... [read more]

Would you like to help with groundskeeping this fall?

We would love to have your help! You can find more information about one-day or multiple-day mission trips to serve on the New Song campus here.   [read more]

Field Day Fun!

“I have been impressed again and again with my students’ resilience and growth, both this past school year and during our Summer Enrichment program,” shared New Song’s teacher, Lindsey McCracken.  The success of her students was recently celebrated with New Song&rsquo... [read more]

Crafty Volunteers!

It’s such a blessing to our students and staff when new ministry friends come to serve on campus, and that was certainly the case when LuAnn Ribley and her three close friends visited us earlier this spring! LuAnn and her friends were coming from Illinois for a Brown County getaway but want... [read more]

Spring Outing!

Getting an afternoon off of school is always nice for students, and that’s especially true when it leads to a fun outing. Such was the case on a nice, warm Tuesday afternoon this spring for the girls at New Song. That day, our Teacher, Lindsey McCracken, and Teaching Coordinator, Kyla Ramir... [read more]

2018 Activities

2018 was a busy year at New Song full of God's blessings! Please enjoy this slideshow of our staff and students.   [read more]

2018 Volunteer Work Teams

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers for your help in 2018!                 [read more]

Grateful for Noblesville's White Rock Fellowship!

To take care of and steward New Song’s 100-acre campus is a HUGE job! We are ever thankful for the volunteers that have given their time and energy to sustaining our ministry by helping with groundskeeping so that our campus is a place where children can thrive. Earlier this fall a group fr... [read more]

Conflicts are Opportunities

The Bible has much to say about interpersonal relationships and provides very practical guidance for navigating conflicts. Students at New Song, like all of us, have regular opportunities to put peacemaking to use, and recently they were given the tools to do so.  School at New Song begins e... [read more]

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available online! Please click here to read our Fall 2018 New Song News! [read more]

God’s Path to New Song

Six years ago, when I was junior in high school, I painted the garage of House B on New Song’s campus with a work team from church. While touring the campus that day I thought, “working at New Song would be my dream job.” My logical brain almost immediately countered with, “T... [read more]

Our Study of the Book of John

Jesus prayed for me Jesus prayed for you. Jesus prayed for all. Including me and you. Yes, Jesus really did this for all believers! I'm amazed and touched by this. It’s written in John 17. During chapel services over the past several months here at New Song, we studied the b... [read more]

Students Learning and Growing at New Song!

  “I like it here,” said 13 year-old Alexa. “The people are nice.” Many have waited a long time to hear such words spoken from the mouth of a New Song student. With five teenage girls now living on New Song’s 100-acre Brown County campus, it’s so wonder... [read more]

Letter from Jazmin

Greetings and Salutations! First off, thank you for taking some time to read this. It truly means a lot. I have learned that someone desired of me to write a small essay based on a list of topics. And, I have chosen: A good memory here at New Song Mission. Now, let’s move onto the story, shall... [read more]

Letter from Jessica

Family. It’s the greatest gift God could ever bless us with. They help shape, grow, & love us in God. The best part about it is that they don’t even have to be related! Being at New Song, I realized that I have now an even bigger family. All of these people are so important to me,... [read more]

Your prayers and support will ensure our ability to receive kids in 2018!

Dear Friends, “When can I come live here?” said a boy who recently visited the New Song campus. Sadly, his mom never filled out the enrollment application. Boys and girls from at-risk families need to hear about the Jesus whose birth we celebrate this Christmas season. They desper... [read more]

One Church, 7 Chainsaws, and a God-Given Desire to Serve!

New Song’s 100-acre campus is a beautiful slice of Brown County. Fall is especially scenic as the leaves turn vibrant on the many trees that surround the campus homes. Much of this beauty comes naturally, as a gift from God, but some comes through ground maintenance and the hard work of volunt... [read more]

Thank you young volunteers!

We are excited and blessed by the many youth in our area who have chosen New Song Mission for their service projects, senior projects, Eagle Scout projects, internships, and more. These kids have worked to raise money, build outdoor equipment, create nature trails, and bring groups to the New Song c... [read more]

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