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Conflicts are Opportunities

The Bible has much to say about interpersonal relationships and provides very practical guidance for navigating conflicts. Students at New Song, like all of us, have regular opportunities to put peacemaking to use, and recently they were given the tools to do so.  School at New Song begins e... [read more]

Fall 2018 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is available online! Please click here to read our Fall 2018 New Song News! [read more]

God’s Path to New Song

Six years ago, when I was junior in high school, I painted the garage of House B on New Song’s campus with a work team from church. While touring the campus that day I thought, “working at New Song would be my dream job.” My logical brain almost immediately countered with, “T... [read more]

Our Study of the Book of John

Jesus prayed for me Jesus prayed for you. Jesus prayed for all. Including me and you. Yes, Jesus really did this for all believers! I'm amazed and touched by this. It’s written in John 17. During chapel services over the past several months here at New Song, we studied the b... [read more]

Students Learning and Growing at New Song!

  “I like it here,” said 13 year-old Alexa. “The people are nice.” Many have waited a long time to hear such words spoken from the mouth of a New Song student. With five teenage girls now living on New Song’s 100-acre Brown County campus, it’s so wonder... [read more]

Letter from Jessica

Family. It’s the greatest gift God could ever bless us with. They help shape, grow, & love us in God. The best part about it is that they don’t even have to be related! Being at New Song, I realized that I have now an even bigger family. All of these people are so important to me,... [read more]

Letter from Jazmin

Greetings and Salutations! First off, thank you for taking some time to read this. It truly means a lot. I have learned that someone desired of me to write a small essay based on a list of topics. And, I have chosen: A good memory here at New Song Mission. Now, let’s move onto the story, shall... [read more]


WE’RE GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SERVICE! Our volunteers do so much to maintain the campus and keep it looking beautiful.   ... [read more]

Your prayers and support will ensure our ability to receive kids in 2018!

Dear Friends, “When can I come live here?” said a boy who recently visited the New Song campus. Sadly, his mom never filled out the enrollment application. Boys and girls from at-risk families need to hear about the Jesus whose birth we celebrate this Christmas season. They desper... [read more]

Thank you young volunteers!

We are excited and blessed by the many youth in our area who have chosen New Song Mission for their service projects, senior projects, Eagle Scout projects, internships, and more. These kids have worked to raise money, build outdoor equipment, create nature trails, and bring groups to the New Song c... [read more]

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Please click here to read our Summer 2017 Newsletter [read more]

The Kids We Can Best Help

 “Do you have sports teams?” asked a boy who recently visited the New Song campus, having been brought for a tour by his adoptive grandmother.  What’s learned through sports and other recreational activities can help us fulfill the core of our mission, which is to equi... [read more]

Thank You to our Volunteers!

New Song Mission has been blessed with a number of work teams serving on our 100-acre Brown County campus this spring and summer. We’re so very thankful for the teams’ service as we continue to prepare our campus for children!  Volunteers are integral to our ministry. As a not-fo... [read more]

FAQ: How Are Kids Referred To New Song?

A woman involved in a jail ministry called us to share that a mom who is incarcerated has two young children who may need New Song’s care. A friend who works with at-risk kids in a recreational ministry contacted us to let us that there is a 12 year-old boy whose mom may be calling New Song... [read more]

Houseparent couples at New Song!

With two houseparent couples now living at New Song and our Campus Director now in place, we are praising God once again for His amazing provision!    Houseparents Logan and Olivia Stoner are from Mooresville, Indiana, have been married five years, and God placed on their hearts a stron... [read more]

WCLJ TV Interview

Watch WCLJ's recent interview of New Song Founder, Bob Schloss... [read more]

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and at New Song we want to acknowledge and “cheer on” all of those who minister to, care for, or otherwise support children in need.  Organizations across our state and country—church ministries, foster parents, mentoring groups,... [read more]

Home C Update

“We’re so thankful for the steady progress that’s been made toward completion of Home C on the New Song campus,” said ex officio board member, Dan Gluesenkamp. Home C is the third of three phase one campus homes. With the completion of the home comes the completion of phase o... [read more]

Northwestern Mutual Helps New Song!

What do a 25th work anniversary, a team of 7 people, and a life insurance company have in common with New Song? Well, they all describe the latest team of volunteers contributing to campus groundskeeping! On Monday, November 7, a team of workers from Matt Carother’s Northwestern Mutual Insu... [read more]

God's Continued Provision

We are excited to share that God, in all His goodness, has provided New Song with a wonderful gift of beautiful kitchen cabinetry for our third campus home from MasterBrand Cabinets in Jasper, Indiana! “We praise God for this incredible gift which helps us complete Home C and phase one constru... [read more]

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