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Back to School, Medieval Style!

Knights in shining armor. Beautiful princesses. A fortified, impenetrable fortress. As the New Song students begin another year of school, their classroom has been transformed into the likes of a 15th century castle complete with stone walls and a Christian version of “The Knight’s Code” wall hanging.  

The brains behind the new classroom design are Dave and Laurie Hix, our girls’ houseparents. “We wanted to help the kids feel excited about the new school year,” said Laurie. “My husband Dave has a lot of interests, including history and the chivalry of knights.”

Academics are a tremendous building block for the future success of the vulnerable boys and girls we care for on our Brown County campus. “Educating the boys and girls in our care is a serious responsibility,” shared Lisa Schloss, New Song’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker. “Our personalized, one-on-one instruction and tutoring has elevated each of our students’ grades to levels they had never before reached.”

“At my last school, I didn’t do so well,” shared 9 year-old Tavion. “But last year at New Song I made mostly A’s and B’s!” We trust that Tavion, now in year two at New Song, will continue to work hard and receive grades of which he can be proud. He sure enjoyed showing his outstanding, 9-week report cards to his mom, Candice, last year!

This school year New Song  will have bible, physical education, and a leadership class added to its core curriculum to further enhance our students’ educational experience here on campus. We are excited to provide our students with robust, interactive academics, as well as engaging extracurricular programming. New Song will continue to have instructors and tutors in our classroom using the same hybrid approach that has made our school so helpful to students.

Education is a key part of the holistic, highly personalized care that boys and girls receive at New Song Mission. We are grateful to God for His grace which sustains us and the creativity He has given our royal staff members.