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A Happily-Ever-After Evening

Once upon a time… four beautiful princesses--Lilli, Shawnia, Nasia, and Abi, received formal invitations inviting them to the second annual Valentine’s Dinner at their teacher’s home. “Miss Grace” (the girls’ main classroom teacher) and “Miss Kayla” (our Spanish teacher and tutor) had a special princess-themed night in store for the girls. Miss Grace and Miss Kayla wanted them to feel especially loved and celebrated, so they planned a wonderful evening that the girls would be sure to remember.  

In preparation for the special night, Miss Laurie, the girls’ creative house mom, helped the girls pick out their spectacular dresses from local thrift stores. The day of the party, while Miss Laurie was helping the girls get ready, Miss Grace and Miss Kayla were decorating and preparing for the festivities. “The girls were all so excited about the evening!” shared Miss Laurie.  

It was an amazing, memorable time for the four young ladies. When they arrived in their silver chariot (New Song’s van), the girls’ house dad and evening chauffeur, Mr. Dave, helped each girl out of the van. They paused for lots of group pictures and then came inside.

“WOW!” Lilli (14) exclaimed, “this is so pretty!” The girls started the evening off with making their own princess crowns. They loved being creative and spending time crafting together.    

After crafts, the girls came into the kitchen to create their own personal sized, heart-shaped pizzas. Each girl built their own, with 14 year-old Shawnia  being especially excited. Miss Grace’s mom, Victoria, remarked, “Shawnia, you are such a natural in the kitchen… so confident!” Shawnia beamed, “I like to bake,” she shared. 

After pizza, pink lemonade, chocolate covered strawberries, and marshmallows, the girls settled in to watch one of their favorite princess movies—Cinderella of course!

Throughout the movie, there were plenty of exclamations as the girls got really wrapped up in the story. They were so engaged, they hardly noticed when Mr. Dave and Miss Laurie arrived to pick them up.

As the movie wrapped up and the girls collected their crowns, Miss Grace and Miss Kayla gave them each three roses and a BIG hug. The girls smiled brightly, exclaiming “thank you so much!” and “this was so fun!” It truly was a happily-ever-after evening to remember.