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Bible Class: Prayer

“Prayer is so important because it stretches our faith and helps us through our hard times,” wrote Avery, age 14, on her recent Bible exam. “Prayer is something that we can do through everything and it helps God know that we love Him with all of our hearts.” 

The girls were fascinated to learn the stories of Paul, Daniel, Hannah, David, and Elijah during Bible class in school on campus. They learned about people of prayer, gained insight into the character of God, learned the importance of prayer, and how to pray. 

“I loved seeing the look of surprise on their faces when they would hear a Bible story for the first time; especially Elijah’s!” said Grace, the girls’ classroom teacher. 

Lilli, age 13, shared, “Elijah had some amazing miracles from God. Without God none of that would ever have happened! I learned that with God all things are possible!” 

The girls were able to see that when God’s people pray, He promises to answer! Our God is a miracle-working God!

In addition to teaching the girls about prayer through various people in the Bible, Grace also read missionary biographies to the students, including the stories of Gladys Aylward and George Muller, who had incredible faith and saw God do amazing things. 

The girls were inspired by the lives of Aylward and Muller and their testimonies of faith. This study prompted the class to pray for current missionaries and those being persecuted for their faith. The girls wrote letters and prayed for persecuted Christians overseas.

Avery and Lilli spent a considerable amount of time studying the Lord’s Prayer as well as the A.C.T.S. model of prayer (Adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and supplication.) Avery’s prayer of supplication sums up New Song’s desire that every student come to love and know Jesus: “I ask you God to help me know who you are. I ask to know how beautiful you are. I want you to help me cherish you for all eternity.”