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Thankful To Be Caring For Kids, by Bob Schloss

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! His mercy endures forever.” (Ps 136:1)

The goodness of God is more touching to Lisa and me than ever during this season of life. We are now in our mid-50’s and have been involved with New Song for 16 years, since the fall of 2003. Through the years the goodness of the God has been on display in the ministry.

Lisa and I first experienced God’s graciousness and goodness on a warm spring day in 2004 when she and I and our four boys walked the 100 acres that would one day become New Song’s Brown County campus. We then saw His goodness at work again in 2005-06 with the successful ruling on our zoning request and paying off the land in full. Then in the fall of 2008 we saw His goodness at the campus groundbreaking and also in 2012, 2014, and 2016 with the completion of each of the three homes.

Scattered throughout those years were other, smaller instances in which God displayed His lovingkindness and goodness, helping all of us in the ministry realize that He was with us and leading us, and that He is sovereign over the ministry. And some of the most meaningful times of experiencing God’s goodness have been through the special friendships and abundant support we’ve received from financial partners, pastors, construction volunteers, groundskeeping crews, ministry advisors, teachers, socials workers, and so many others.

All of these wonderful signs of God’s goodness have been amazing. But these last 22 months of caring for 8 girls on campus have been as special and glorious as any.

Getting the chance to know the girls and see their distinct personalities and special giftings while caring for them 24/7 points to God’s incredible goodness and faithfulness. Lisa and I have been blessed to watch them succeed in school, see them respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ, grow and mature in their social skills, develop new, healthy interests and desires, and for three of them, have their first jobs in the community (McDonalds and Common Grounds in Nashville.) Each of the 8 girls have had such progress while on the New Song campus:

            Lauryn: dramatically improving in school

            Jazmin: developing a positive perspective on life and expressing a desire to attend college

            Jessica: discovering career aspirations in the medical field

            Julie: having her artistic talents blossom and growing tremendously in her obedience to God

            Alexa: developing amazing guitar skills and a strong voice (she practiced a lot!)

            Kamryn: becoming amazed and excited about the gospel of Christ

            Avery: developing peace and wholeness in her life  

            Lilli: overcoming challenges and growing in optimism   

Some of the girls lived on campus for a year and a half, while others were in our care for six important months. Whatever the length of time we’ve had with them, Lisa and I are very grateful to God for, and we know that it’s only been because of God’s goodness toward the ministry. We feel  truly blessed to be serving the Lord on the New Song campus this Thanksgiving season!