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Students Discover Wisdom in Proverbs

“Using knowledge is an everyday thing,” wrote 14 year-old Avery, a New Song student, on a recent quiz for Bible class. “You use your mind every single minute to respect others and set your paths straight.”

New Song students have demonstrated an impressive ability to absorb this and other themes from the book of Proverbs, which has been the topic of the most recent unit in a Bible class held each school day after lunch.

In a recent class activity, the girls read through several chapters of Proverbs, wrote key words on sticky notes, and posted them all over on a white board. As they organized the words, they quickly began to see themes and patterns emerging, such as “wisdom” being connected to kindness, generosity, and correction, and “foolishness” being connected to wickedness, anger, and disregarding correction.

The class word sorting exercise to the right clearly demonstrated themes at the heart of Proverbs.

“It’s so good for me to watch these girls encounter Proverbs and realize how it applies to them,” said Lindsey McCracken, New Song’s classroom teacher. “For some of them it was the first time they have ever read any of Proverbs. When you watch the students read God’s word with fresh eyes and listen to them react to it, it reminds you how transformative and precious the bible really is.”