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Field Day Fun!

“I have been impressed again and again with my students’ resilience and growth, both this past school year and during our Summer Enrichment program,” shared New Song’s teacher, Lindsey McCracken. 

The success of her students was recently celebrated with New Song’s annual Field Day. Staff, students, family, and friends gathered at the park on the New Song campus for tug of war over a slippery tarp, water relay games, a makeshift slip and slide down the park hill, and a dip in the campus pond. 

“It was a lot of fun!” said New Song’s 14 year-old Avery, our newest student. “I especially liked the tug of war and swimming in the pond.” 

Alexa, age 14, enjoyed the team aspect of one of the games. “We each had a partner and had to carry a water balloon together without using our hands and drop it in a bucket,” shared Alexa. “My sister Jessica and I were partners, and I think we were able get six in!” 

The games and activities provided an opportunity for staff and students to celebrate academic success and build relationships with one another through some playful competition. 

For Lindsey, who leads both our classroom and our enrichment activities throughout the summer, field day also signified her first full year of working at New Song. “Last year at field day was the first time I met most of the New Song staff and students,” she commented. “I was thankful to lead the field day this year and reflect on how much God has changed and blessed me through our students and ministry in the past year.”