Watch our ministry grow


Grateful for Noblesville's White Rock Fellowship!

To take care of and steward New Song’s 100-acre campus is a HUGE job! We are ever thankful for the volunteers that have given their time and energy to sustaining our ministry by helping with groundskeeping so that our campus is a place where children can thrive.

Earlier this fall a group from White Rock Fellowship in Noblesville contacted New Song to see how they could help on campus. The church group decided to fund the creation of a new feature of our park called a Gaga Ball Pit and assemble it themselves on campus—praise God! 

Gaga ball is a variant of dodgeball that is played in a gaga "pit" that is usually in the form of an octagon. Competitors in the pit strike a ball while others try to dodge the ball to keep from being hit. The last person standing wins! It’s become a VERY popular game in recent years, so we knew that New Song students would love it.

The church gave our Director, Bob Schloss, the chance to speak to the White Rock congregation, which is led by Pastor Andy Waite. One church member, Jaki Allen, said, “I think hearing his stories and seeing some pictures got our church family excited.”

Twenty-four people from the congregation signed up to help at New Song. Jaki continued, “Serving at New Song allowed couples, families, teens, and adults to get involved--we are looking forward to keeping up our relationship with the New Song team and hope to serve in more ways in the future. We were blessed to meet more people who serve full time with the ministry, as well as work alongside them.”

“We’re very grateful to Jaki and the White Rock Fellowship group,” shared Bob. “It’s always exciting to introduce new groups to the ministry and have them pitch in on campus. We couldn’t do it without the help of God’s people. The Gaga Pit has already gotten some good use by the girls and some of their friends!”