Watch our ministry grow


Thank you young volunteers!

We are excited and blessed by the many youth in our area who have chosen New Song Mission for their service projects, senior projects, Eagle Scout projects, internships, and more. These kids have worked to raise money, build outdoor equipment, create nature trails, and bring groups to the New Song campus to work.

Most recently, Riley, an 8th grade student, created a toy and supply drive for our homes. She approached her school honor society, neighborhood, and gymnastic team to tell them about New Song and asked for donations of things kids in our homes might need. She brought sacks of toys, personal hygiene Items, books, movies, stuffed animals, and games so that our kids could have items that will be entertaining and fun as well as useful!

“I love seeing kids happy! I like to know I am helping people. I have so many wonderful privileges and I want other children to have the same opportunities as me,” says Riley.

This isn’t her first time to donate to New Song. At the age of 9, Riley hosted a lemonade stand for us after hearing about our homes from her 4th grade teacher. Riley is one of the wonderful examples of how God is using children to create light in the world around us and leading us to make our world a better place!

We praise God for all the young volunteers who have given their time and talents in support of New Song! We at New Song are witnesses of their special work and stand in awe of their generous hearts. They help us to see that there is good in the bad we see around us and to remember that God is still at work in our ministry and in the world around us.

Youth in our area can get involved in sharing their love for less fortunate children by contacting us at