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FAQ: How Are Kids Referred To New Song?

A woman involved in a jail ministry called us to share that a mom who is incarcerated has two young children who may need New Song’s care.

A friend who works with at-risk kids in a recreational ministry contacted us to let us that there is a 12 year-old boy whose mom may be calling New Song for the boy’s enrollment.

A member of an urban church let us know about two pre-teen girls who need the love and stability that the New Song homes offer.

These three, recent real-life situations are good examples of how New Song receives children.

Here’s how it works: a teacher, social worker, homeless shelter staff member, church leader, youth worker, caseworker, or others who come into contact with at-risk families and children—learns about a child who needs care outside of their current home. That person then shares about New Song with the mom, grandparent, or guardian of the children, and encourages the child’s caregiver to consider contacting New Song. Sometimes these folks—who we call “referral sources”—will even help set up a phone call or a meeting between the mom/grandparent/guardian and a New Song representative.

From there, the enrollment process begins. It generally follows the steps below. If there are children you know of who need the love, education, stability, and care that New Song provides, will you please help their parent or caregiver contact us? With two houseparent couples who are fully trained and ready to serve, New Song is now open for the enrollment of boys and girls who need our help!