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2020 Volunteer Slideshow and 2021 Summer Service Opportunity!

"It was a wonderful day working side by side with my brothers and sisters from Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church,” shared Herb Simpson. Herb was one of 15 members from the church who served for two full days last summer at New Song.  

The 2020 Volunteer Slideshow at the bottom of this page highlights some of the great work that was done by nearly 75 volunteers who came to serve on campus last year.

Taking care of New Song’s 100-acre Brown County campus is no small task. “We need a lot of help,” said New Song director, Bob Schloss. “Thankfully, the Lord always graciously provides us with people who are willing to serve, be it families, businesses, men’s mission groups, church small groups and missions teams, and others.”

To volunteer on campus this spring, summer, or fall, please email the ministry at or visit  

For 2021, the ministry is hoping to accomplish the following special projects, improvements, and maintenance work:

  • Clearing a new campus trail leading along the creek and to the pond
  • Building a small overlook by the creek
  • Creating a good sledding hill
  • Installing a frisbee golf course
  • Completing a baseball diamond
  • Staining wooden structures on the playground and challenge course
  • Building a storage unit or lean-to for campus equipment
  • Removing old woodchips in the children’s playset area and installing new chips
  • Installing flower bed boxes along the campus road
  • Planting flowers in front of the campus homes
  • Regular mowing and brush clearing   

“I have great memories working with our men at New Song last summer,” said Josh Krumenacher of Men For Missions of Greenwood, Indiana. Josh and his team worked tirelessly to help install a new challenge course on campus—just in time for the ministry’s two week-long Summer Adventure Camps! Josh went on to say, “Our team enjoyed comradery and fellowship while working hard to build the challenge course for the youth to enjoy and learn team building exercises on.”

The following groups and individuals helped with groundskeeping and improvements last year, for which everyone at New Song is incredibly thankful:

  • Designscape crew
  • Heritage Christian School boys’ group
  • Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church
  • First Baptist Church of Columbus
  • Clear Creek Church youth group 
  • Men For Missions
  • Beech Grove Baptist Church
  • David Benshoof and Rich Best (Vigilcorp)
  • Chris Bailey
  • Joel and Sarah Beth Dulin family
  • Bill and Amy Morgan family
  • Fred King
  • Chuck Murdock
  • Jim Hartmann
  • Tod Archer
  • Ethan Mathews

“Volunteer groups are extraordinarily important to the ministry,” says Bob. “They help us  keep our heads above water and allow us to make important campus improvements. We are humbled and tremendously grateful for all of the wonderful people the Lord provides.” Praise God for His faithful provision of people!