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Spring Outing!

Getting an afternoon off of school is always nice for students, and that’s especially true when it leads to a fun outing.

Such was the case on a nice, warm Tuesday afternoon this spring for the girls at New Song. That day, our Teacher, Lindsey McCracken, and Teaching Coordinator, Kyla Ramirez, received some much-needed conference time together for planning the summer academic curriculum and putting together plans for the fall semester of school. 

Lisa Schloss, New Song’s Associate Director and LCSW, took the girls on an afternoon outing which ended up including a nice walk through Mill Race Park in Columbus. When a couple of the girls saw some older, large trees with perfect climbing branches, all of the girls headed onward and upward! “It’s always so nice to see the girls laughing, enjoying themselves, and just having fun,” shared Lisa. 

The girls, who are 8-11th graders, are doing quite well in school, and most of them are ahead in their classes. So it was a well-deserved break from school, and also included a trip to Hobby Lobby where the girls purchased art supplies to make birthday cards, Mother’s Day gifts, and a Teacher Appreciation Day gift for others.

Off-campus outings are an important part of New Song, as they offer additional experiences that help us provide holistic care to our students. If you’d like to support student outings, please contribute to our Grace Fund.