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2012 In Review


All of us at New Song continue to feel extremely blessed knowing that we are in the hands of our heavenly Father, and we remain exceedingly grateful for the faithfulness of our supportive churches and friends! Below is a list of some of the most significant activities, accomplishments, and provisions the Lord gave New Song in 2012.


New Song received an incredible total of $379,000 in financial support in 2012! These funds were given by 314 ministry friends over the course of the year. Of this amount, more than $200,000 was given at the end of the year, which is very important in that it positions us well to open our doors and begin caring for children. New Song currently has 43 faithful monthly givers who contribute about $5,000 each month to the ministry. Total assets as of December 2012 were $1.98 million, including land, campus infrastructure, homes, other improvements, and cash reserves. 


In the fall we implemented a marketing strategy to begin recruiting potential houseparents. Prior to the end of the year we had been contacted by 10 prospective houseparent couples. All of these couples were wonderful folks, but have not worked out as houseparents for various reasons. Finding the right set of houseparents is the top priority for New Song at this point, and we will continue our communications efforts and seek the Lord for the couple He is leading to be our first missionary houseparent couple.  


In 2012 New Song was blessed to receive a number of important items through generous donations from churches, individuals, and businesses. Some of our most significant gifts of materials, supplies, and equipment during the year are listed below.

  • Small appliances, dishes, silverware, cooking items and utensils
  • Piano for Home A
  • Washer and dryer for Home A
  • Bedroom lamps for Home A
  • Water heater for Home A
  • Games for Home A
  • Kitchen cabinets for Home B
  • Vanities for Homes B
  • Chain saw
  • Table saw/ladders
  • Lawn mower
  • Outdoor playhouse
  • Stereo system
  • Basketball goal
  • Train tables
  • Ping Pong table/air hockey table


We are so very thankful to the Lord and to all our ministry partners for the outpouring of financial support and the gifts of labor, materials, supplies, and equipment to prepare the ministry for opening. Below is a breakdown of other key ministry advancements and accomplishments in:

  • Significant policy development work on our houseparent manual and other areas was accomplished through the help of Dave and Colleen Spencer over the summer months
  • Several positive contacts were made with new churches, businesses, and individuals who are prospective New Song supporters
  • A Medical Services Advisory Council was formed to oversee the medical needs of the children of  New Song  
  • Houseparent job description and hiring process were completed
  • A trip was taken to Shiloh Ranch Children’s Home in Missouri, and a lengthy meeting was held with a wonderful house dad there who provided a great deal of important information about houseparenting
  • Seven new teachers were spoken with in order to get additional advice and ideas on New Song’s educational program
  • Three “Coffee and Donut Open Houses” were held in April which drew about 120 people
  • Initial contacts were made with 10 prospective houseparent couples
  • Development of child admissions process and paperwork
  • Several connections were made with referral sources about vulnerable children who need a place like New Song


New Song received an estimated 1,500 man hours of in-kind labor contributions toward campus construction and groundskeeping from nearly 300 people in 2012!  

  • 19 different work teams from churches and businesses participated in construction and groundskeeping out on the New Song campus, and many individuals also helped (see list of groups, below)
  • Donated campus labor increased to an estimated 18,000 man hours valued at $470,000!
  • Bookshelves and fireplace mantle were constructed for the classroom of Home A by our construction manager
  • Furnishings were chosen and purchased for Home A
  • Hallway cabinetry work in Home A
  • Second coat of painting in laundry room of Home A
  • Thinning of woods between Homes A and C
  • Laying kitchen and bathroom tile in Home B
  • Geothermal heating lines run in front of Home B
  • Bathroom vanities for Home B were built and installed
  • Centralized wastewater treatment system work was completed
  • Landscaping and groundskeeping work throughout the campus, including our front entryway
  • Burning of lumber piles
  • Clearing around the edge of pond
  • Staining of picnic tables
  • Normal groundskeeping activities (weed whacking, lawn mowing, snow removal, etc.)  

Groups that helped with the above work are:  

Masters Commission
St. Peters Lutheran Church
Terrace Lake Church
Ellettsville Christian Church
Memorial Baptist Church Youth Group
Collamer Christian Church
Reformed Presbyterian Church of Columbus
Emmanuel Church of Greenwood
Evangelical Community Church of Bloomington
Southport United Methodist Church
Crossroad Community Church of Shelbyville
Columbus Boy Scout Troop #552
Faith Alliance Church
Grace Community Church
Reformed Presbyterian Church
Church For The Nations
Community Church of Columbus

Other donated professional services received related to construction were from Dave Kreie (architect), Juli Suverkrup (interior design), Pastor Ken Smith (construction of vanities for Home B and C), Tim Beretta (carpentry), South Central Supply (water heater), Columbus Silgas (labor donated for installation gas tank), Eldon’s Automotive (car repair), Columbus Signs (donated signage, maps), Pentzer Printing (discount on print costs).

In addition, a large number of individual volunteers helped out on campus.


There were many other wonderful things that happened with New Song Mission in 2012. Some of these are listed below.

  • Ron Kyzer, managing partner of Ronald Blue & Co, joined the New Song board of directors
  • Elizabeth Kuehner, Sales Force Development Manager, Cummins, Inc. joined the New Song board of directors
  • Leah Retrum was hired as our Director of Communications and Campus Life
  • “Media Kits” were created on thumb drives that include all of our marketing materials, making it easy to distribute information about New Song to our friends, supporters, and media sources
  • Several new relationships with potential church partners were established and friendships were strengthened with supporting churches
  • Implemented a marketing strategy to recruit houseparent prospects
  • A “Church Liaison Program” was established through which we recruit a point person from each of our supporting churches to help keep churches informed about ministry progress and needs  
  • Open House Chili Fest was held on campus in October, with an estimated 150 people attending
  • Speaking at various churches
  • Attending orphan care conferences
  • Television interview with a TBN affiliate
  • Radio interviews were held on three different stations
  • Attendance of conferences and seminars, including the International Conference on Missions

Thank you so much for your continued, faithful support of the ministry of New Song Mission!

For Christ and kids,
Robert P. Schloss, J.D.
Founder/Executive Director