Giving your grandchild a new chance at life

Enroll your grandchild

We understand that as a grandparent you may feel frustrated that you are unable to help your grandchild. Despite the love you’ve given your grandchild and your best efforts to provide a positive environment, your grandchild needs more than you can offer. New Song Mission is here to help. If your grandchild meets our enrollment criteria, we can offer a new chance at life for your grandchild, through the love of Christ.  

“We had a wonderful visit at New Song.  Caleb was so excited to show us everything. He looked great. The visit confirmed that this is where Caleb needs to be. He acted very happy, comfortable and proud of his home. We had a very good visit with the houseparents. This was very comforting and reassuring. They are so calm, loving and also tell Caleb what is expected from him. I feel very confident in how he is being cared for. Thank you for giving Caleb this opportunity.”  -Ruth Ann, grandmother of Caleb 

How long will my grandchild stay at New Song?

Each child’s situation and needs are different, however, we feel that the longer a child remains in our care, the better the future of that child will be. The minimum length of stay is one year, but for most kids their best opportunity for future success in life is if they grow up on the New Song campus throughout their childhood years.

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How to enroll your grandchild.

If you as a grandparent are the legal guardian of your grandchild, you may follow the initial steps listed below for enrollment. The New Song enrollment team is led by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who cares deeply about children and is highly skilled in assessing a child’s needs. The enrollment process generally involves the following steps: 

  • Grandparents contact New Song’s enrollment coordinator 
  • Enrollment application and other paperwork is submitted
  • Enrollment interview is held, information is reviewed, and a determination is made in the best interests of the child

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How to stay involved in your grandchild’s life at New Song. 

The separation of a child and his or her caregiver is very difficult. We have a great deal of empathy for grandparents who enroll their grandchildren at New Song, and we will help to maintain a positive relationship between you and your grandchild. Coordinating safe and consistent visitation is a significant priority of New Song. At the beginning of a child’s enrollment, a visitation and phone call schedule is established in the initial Plan of Care that is developed for each child in our care, with input from the parent or caregiver who is involved.

Grandparents will also receive monthly reports about how their child is progressing while in the care of New Song Mission. In addition, the New Song leadership and staff regularly communicate with grandparents to keep them updated.

Give children a safe home where they can thrive!